Terms & Conditions

-CV. Kuda Bahagia offer free pick up for all 2/3 hours trips and minimum of 2 Guest’s for the area Tanah Lot, Canggu, Ubud, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua

-Our guest’s enjoy VIP service during Pick up and Dropp off. The tour will be handled as VIP booking, we do not mix groups. (possible on request)

-Guest’s with riding level intermediate or experienced can ride on theyr own and do trot and canter. Beginner are handeled carefully, because horse riding can be dangerous. Please listen to your guide and you might be able to experience more than walking, since this depends on how safe you are in the sadle and on top of the horse. Please understand beginners are leaded by the guide.

-Each activity include guest insurance, drinking water, professional guide, safety instruction and safety equipment like helmets and protectors, shoes in limites sizes available. For 2/3 hours trips we provide soft drinks and light refreshment

-Children’s have to wear helmet’s since for adults and experienced rider’s we suggest

– Invoices for guests from CV. Kuda Bahagia for products/activities shall be paid at the reception in advance, in cash in local currency (IDR). CV. Kuda Bahagia will use a tentative currency conversion if paid in USD, AUD or EUR, as the company is no money exchange establishment with up-to-date rates. Credit cards (Visa and Master Card) are accepted but a surcharge of at least 3% applies (Amex 3,5% adittional charge)

-Reservations are required. Weights and experience levels of all riders in your group are nessesary so that we can properly assign horses to riders. Our cancellation policy is well charged with 50 % if you cancel the day before, and 100 % if you cancel the day of the ride, as we blocked the horses and guides for your booking. This does not apply if if the ride is cancelled due to bad weather. Please note this must be confirmed as we might have sunshine here while somewhere in Bali it rains.

The booked adventuretime is fix as we do plan our daily shedule with the horses and guides. Please let us know if you are too late, but calculate your time on the streets carefully. If you are too late we will cut the time from the booked adventuretime as there might be following bookings with other guests which are ontime. Please prepate to be here minimum of 15 minutes before the ride start, as there is a preparingtime for payment and safety equipment.


Please read the following carefully before booking!

Guest fully understand the possible risks and inherent hazards of horseback riding. Stable Bahagia has insurance coverage for guests, up to the amount of IDR 10,000,000.00 for medical fees in Indonesia, as well up to IDR 100,000,000.00 in case of permanent disability. This covers person from the age of 5 years to 60 years, except for disability cases. Our insurance covers treatment at Prima Medika or Bali Med Hospital only.

Guest understand that neither Stable Kuda Bahagia nor any of its employees or representatives may be held liable in any way for any occurrence on the property or on horseback that may result injury, or any other damages to your person. You understand that you am riding at your own risk.

You agree to follow these rules:
-Guest must follow instructions of the guides
-Children must wear a helmet.
-All riders will be supplied with a helmet. Adults, over 18 years of age, who decline wearing a helmet do so on their own cognizance and the responsibility of such action falls upon the rider with no recompense from Stable Bahagia.
-Guests may not overtake the leading guide on any part of the ride.
-Guests may not canter or trot on any roads.
-Beginner riders are not allowed to trot or canter at any time during the ride, only experts are allowed to canter at the beach. Advanced riders are allowed to trot at the beach, being led by their personal guide. The personal guide will make the decision as to the rider`s proficiency. This is the Guides prerogative and all rides must abide by their decision.
-Guests must follow the instructions of the Guide at all times.
-Guides have the right to stop the ride at all times if guests are compromising safety (this will not be refundable & is non-discussable)
-Once a tour has commenced it is deemed chargeable. No refunds, partial or otherwise will be given for situations such as, but not limited by; inclement weather, hesitation, indecision or accidents, such as falling from the horse.

Stable Bahagia will not take any responsibility for accidents of guests, who don`t follow these rules!!!

Please be advised not to leave any cash money, credit cards or other valuable items in our lockers during your ride. Stable Bahagia will not take responsibility for valuable item getting lost at our stable. For lost items during the tour, Stable Bahagia will not take any responsibility.