Java – Trekking and Hacking

  • Enjoy the equestrian sport to the fullest in the nature

Equestrian sport is one of the most natural sporting activities. Out and about,¬†discovering the countryside¬†by¬†original ‘horsepower’ is also a pleasurable and graceful feeling of happiness.

The stables are located in a small villa named Bumiaji which is in the mountains of the City Batu / Malang in Java Timur..

The location and the splendid mountain panorama invite to go on a long ride. The trail network counts 200 kilometres, and along these paths you can ride from one picturesque farm building to the next one, see the farmers working in the fields, cross the Apple plantation discovering the scenic vulkan panorama and the countryside by horse.

There is pretty much everything one could desire: horseback riding, dressage, eventing, showjumping, racing, but also ponies and carriage rides. Horseback riding lessons are also offered by us.

As we just start this very special horse adventure in January 2015, please contact us by phone or eMail for your program and offer

We are happy to help you with transportation, hotel and much much more

Please contact us in English, German or Indonesian language = or 0062 859 352 891 22 and follow us on facebook BATU HORSE ADVENTURE sponsored by WARUNG & LESEHAN PRING PETHOK